SPECIALS – Holiday Shoppers’ Special15% for a 2-night, mid-week stay; and 25% for a 3-night or more mid-week stay (Our mid-week is Sunday to Thursday).


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Add any one, or more, of these items to your visit as a surprise for your loved one (or yourself). We are happy to personalize your gift with a note.

  • Flowers: small bouquet $37, large bouquet $62
  • Chocolate box: small $20, large $38
  • Indulgence combination:  A large chocolate and large and beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers: $95
  • Remember I Love You:  Half a dozen roses, large chocolate:  $80
  • Martin Hill Inn Mug: $18.50
  • French Butter Keeper: $4.00

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Martin Hill Inn Mug: Choose from five different glaze styles and colors and experience the same hand-warming morning coffee (or tea) moment you had at the inn. Our mugs are made by hand by Deneen Pottery of St. Paul, MN. They are practically indestructible (we’ve only chipped one in seven years) and dishwasher safe. $18.50

Butter Keepers (Butter Bells): These ingenious little butter holders keep butter fresh at room temperature. Fill the upper section with about two tablespoons of butter; fill the bottom with cold water and store on the breakfast table. No more frustrating bits of hard butter tearing up your beautiful golden brown toast. $4.00

Do Not Disturb Sign: Enjoy this keepsake from your Portsmouth vacation during the holidays on the tree or add them to your travel collection. The other eleven months of the year use this remembrance of your stay at the inn to signal a little privacy for your own houseguests or yourself. $12.50