How to Pick a Room

Stay at a big hotel, and picking a room is a snap.  “King or queen” is most of your decision.  Easy peasy.

We have six distinct rooms.  All have a king or a queen, shower, fridge, wifi, hair dryer, and flat screen TV.  Beyond that they have nothing in common.  You can look at our pictures, but they don’t tell the whole story.  So without further ado is our guide to picking a room.

BTW, our room abbreviations are C for Cathedral, T for Typhoon, NTG for Nightingale, ND for Noonday, DW for Dashing Wave and SW for Sea Witch.  If you were wondering they are all named after sailing ships built in Portsmouth.

In general rooms in the Main House (C and T) have steam heat in the winter and window AC units in the summer. The Guest House (NTG, ND, DW and SW) has forced hot air in the winter and central air in the summer. 

IF you need a king-size bed, pick NTG or ND.

IF you don’t like steep stairs, pick NTG or ND. They are on the first floor.

IF you want a big bathroom, pick C.

IF you want a bathtub, pick C, ND or SW.

IF you want a claw-foot tub, pick SW.

IF you want to be able to see the TV from the bed, pick C, T or NTG.

IF you want a separate room where you can read without disturbing a sleeping partner, pick ND, DW or SW.

IF you want a sun porch that doubles as a private entrance, pick ND.

IF you are exceedingly tall and need a bed without a footboard, pick C, NTG, ND or DW.

Note:  If you have read a previous version of this blog you might remember references to the Ranger room.  Ranger has been taken out of service and converted into a library/common room.