The Power of Breakfast

Out hiking with your friends in the woods you turn to discover that there is no one behind you.  It is a heart-stopping moment.  The path less travelled is not for the faint of heart.

We seem to be the only bed and breakfast in Portsmouth that still serves breakfast.  When I have to deal with recalcitrant bacon or the world’s slowest toaster I do understand our competitor’s thinking.  But we have looked behind us and will continue down the unused path.  We believe in the power of breakfast.

Think of the last time you stayed at one of the big hotels.  You went from your posh room to the posh lobby to your posh table in the posh dining room.  Maybe you swam some laps in the pool or worked out in the exercise room.  But in the end you stayed in a big glass box with a thousand other people and didn’t meet a soul.

At a bed and breakfast you get to meet people.  We have gotten to meet professional gamblers, telephone linemen, diplomats, musical instrument makers, aroma therapists, quilters, waitresses, politicians, first responders of every kind.  You can meet them too, at breakfast.

Our rooms are cozy, our gardens lovely, our breakfasts delicious, but the reason you should want to come here is to meet people.  When we are in the kitchen the happy hubbub of conversation from the dining room is music to our ears.  People are fascinating, and it is a privilege to get to peek into other lives.  Quiche and scones are just bonuses.