Thank you, Yankee magazine!

I am like my Dad in that I am quite disinclined to boast, but I think in this case I just need to suck it up and….   TA DAH !!!

YankeeFor those of you not familiar with the venerable traditions of Yankee magazine, the May/June issue features their “Best of New England” picks, and this year our humble inn has been picked as the best for garden lovers.  We love our garden and are quite proud of it, but it is nice to get such a public affirmation.

And I think the garden has heard us, because all sorts of stuff is coming up.  Irises, lilies-of-the-valley, and tulips are all sprouting.  The crocuses and vincas are blooming.  We aren’t even sure what some of the stuff is.  The squirrels are turning somersaults, one literally.  Mr. Turkey has not returned, but chickadees and robins and mourning doves are frequent visitors.

We hope to see you when the garden is in its glory.  The 100 foot walk from our parking lot to the B&B is a great way to start a vacation.