Spring is here, believe it or not

The calendar says its spring, being March 26th.  The thermometer says its spring, being 47 out.  The weather says its spring, with what could pass for an April shower coming down.  Just wish the view out my window would get with the program.  I should be out there looking for the first crocus.  But what I am looking at is a foot or more of snow.  And not pretty, fluffy, happy snow.  This is dirty, icy, hard snow.  Curmudgeon snow.  Any crocus with any sense will sulk underground until the snow goes away.

Sad snowFortunately there are other things that are with the program.  Some of the events worth coming to Portsmouth for in the next few weeks include

Maple Sugar Weekend – March 28-29   Doesn’t come any sweeter than this.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band – April 3  I don’t care if you don’t think you like traditional jazz.  These guys can play.

Russian National Ballet – April 4  The Russians still do ballet and vodka pretty darn well.

Portsmouth Restaurant Week –  April 9-18  Eating knows no season, and with its sampler menus and budget prices no better time to try to eat your way around town.