Been too long!

Hi!  The summer season rolled in like high tide.  It did not wait for me.  Truly – it has been a very successful and rewarding first summer season.  But, it was so busy, I had to put aside my long distance training and settle for shorter and less frequent runs.  And some “mechanical” issues requiring “minor” surgery will keep me out of the running until Spring.  On the bright side, our Folk Band, New Congress, played some very successful gigs and have plans to record a demo.  We may look to do some more gigs in the Portsmouth area.  I am psyched to broaden our musical horizons.

Russ and I were talking about the upgrades we have done at the B&B – and ones we are planning for.  So far, we added refrigerators, larger TVs, and (this brand new) all new beds to the guest rooms – as well as some complimentary sherry, snacks and bottled water.  In our garden we paved our walk with beautiful paving stones and added two sitting places with tables, chairs and umbrellas.  I love working in our garden and I know our guests have enjoyed relaxing in it.   We are going to be adding some archways and trellises which will make it even more gorgeous next year!

Finally, A Big Thanks to our Cook/Assistant Innkeeper, Housekeeper, and our Daughter (here for the summer) for all the good work, without which we would not have kept our heads above water.  We are all excited about the coming fall and winter seasons!  Bye for now!  Meg

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I hope we can get a visit in one of these days. Would love to hear the band!

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