Hi!  Since I last wrote I have successfully run two 5K races one to benefit the Seacoast Food Pantry and the other was a Susan Komen Race for the Cure.  I was quite pleased that I ran under 11 minute miles.  Did I mention my strategy for winning?  I will run races when I am well into my 90’s.  Then all I will have to do is finish and I will win or place in my category!  Actually – I am more interested in distance than time, so my next race will be a 10K, then a half-marathon, (I ran 3 a few years ago) and then figure out how to train for a whole marathon. 
Running has given me a whole new window into some extraordinary places.  One of my favorite courses is to run to New Castle (and beyond) and back.  I am constantly taken aback by the beautiful vistas.
Another new venture for me is joining the Folk Group at the Portsmouth UU Church.  What fun! Nice folks.  The New Congress Folk Group that Russ and I sing and play in is lining up some open mike nights and we have a gig coming up in July at the Maine Quilt show.  Music always provides such great opportunities to connect with people.
Things are getting busy at the B&B.  More mid-week reservations, more guests from all over.  I continue to feel gratified by our fascinating guests – they are so interesting and so varied.  I own my bias, but truly believe we have the “best” guests in the world. 
Here’s another pleasant surprise.  While working in our garden I have gotten to meet and talk with several of our neighbors and guest alike.   I think gardening is an activity which most people can relate to – everyone has an opinion, favorite plants, worst gardening disasters, etc.  So it’s a great communication facilitator.  And, you get to dig in the dirt!  Our garden is gorgeous, if I do say – but most the credit goes to our predecesor and her gardener who is guiding us.  We have added a beautiful brick and stone pathway and eating areas with sturdy new tables and chairs, so guests may choose to have breakfast in the garden.  We just need to get the fountain going, add a few finishing touches, and…. well – the thing is I am forever wanting to add a few finishing touches, so the garden will be a forever and ongoing project! 
Bye for now!  Meg