I am trying to get back into my previous running routine.  When we lived on Nantucket I trained for  and ran half-marathon races.  After moving and learning so many things we needed to know in order to be successful B&B owners, my running routine “hit the wall”. But after this past month of regular running I am readying myself for the Out of Hibernation 5K race to benefit the Food Pantry.  Assuming I finish upright I will train for a 10K – then a half-marathon – then consider training for marathon.  It is all about having enough training time,  and we’ll see if I can create that.

Among the many benefits of running, I am finding new and wonderful places around Portsmouth.  Lately I have been running along the harbor – taking side streets off of Marcy – and it often feels like I’ve been transported to the narrow lanes and beautiful old homes on Nantucket.  I find there is a lot of similarity running in Portsmouth and running in Nantucket.  Beautiful vistas, smell of salt water, friendly people, lots of wind – though Portsmouth is more “hilly” than Nantucket.  

I have noticed more activity around Town.  Groups of carpenters and contractors, renovating and sprucing things up.  On a nice day I usually hear the sound of saws and hammers.  One surely gets the sense of things to come.  I can’t wait to get out into our garden.  I have big plans!

Russ and I have been to about half of the restaurants we need to visit in order to make helpful recommendations to our guests.  You know the saying – Tough job but someone’s got to do it! Well – it’s been anything but tough.  We have had nothing but great meals around Town.  I am glad we still have more research to do.

Gotta go – breakfast duty calls.  Wish me luck on race day – April 12th.