Singer-Songwriter Linda Hirschhorn concert

For those interested in music and history, here is a unique opportunity in Portsmouth NH to learn about music from within the Jewish tradition.  Presented at the Temple Israel, a workshop of Jewish music traditions will be led by singer-songwriter Linda Hirschhorn over four days culminating in a concert on Sunday October 28th, 2012.  The concert will include not only chorus music but some of Hirschhorn’s solo works as well.

The full workshop costs $75.00 per person and is open to children and adults over 9 years old.  Knowledge of Jewish music or Hebrew or even reading music is not necessary.  The concert tickets are $10 per adult and $7.00 for child, student or seniors.  Family tickets are also available at $25.00.  The concert will be at Temple Israel at 200 State Street, Portsmouth.  For more information contact or call 603-436-5301 x10.

Linda Hirschhorn is a cantor, storyteller, chorus director, composer, arranger, as well as singer-songwriter.  She has recorded seven albums and performs with her a cappella group, Vocolot.  All this is in addition to her regular concerts and club appearances as a soloist.

Temple Israel is located at 200 State Street about a 15 minute walk from the Martin Hill Inn.   We think this is a wonderful and unique opportunity for any of our guests who appreciate the richness and variety of music in the world today.