Choosing the best room for you at the Martin Hill Inn

Have you ever wondered as you look over the pictures of rooms on a B&B website, just how to choose the perfect accommodation for your special getaway in Portsmouth, NH.  We know that many people find it hard to determine which room will please them best because, over the years, so many guests have asked me which of our rooms is the “best” or my “favorite.”

All our accommodations at our Portsmouth bed and breakfast are favorites of mine, of course.  But each one is unique and therefore offers slightly different features that may appeal particularly to one guest more than another.  So here’s a list of features based on questions we’ve been asked over the years.  We hope this helps you pick the perfect room for your visit to the Martin Hill Inn.

Q: My partner is very tall.  Do you have beds for taller people?
A: Yes, we have three rooms where a taller person may feel more comfortable.  Cathedral has a queen bed with no foot board.  Nightingale and Noonday have king size beds, again without foot boards.

Q: We like to watch TV while lounging in bed.
A:  All of our rooms have TV’s, but there are three where the TV is located in the sitting room.  This appeals to some guests, but not others.  If you want to watch TV from bed, choose Cathedral, Ranger, Typhoon or Nightingale.  The other rooms allow one person to go to bed while the other stays up later to watch TV.  These three rooms are Noonday, Dashing Wave and Sea Witch.

Q: We live in the country and are concerned about traffic noise.  Which rooms are the most quiet?
A:  Since the Inn is located in downtown Portsmouth, there will always be some noise from the passing cars or pedestrians.  Most traffic dies down after 11:00 p.m. and we find that the majority of our guests barely notice the noises that are the gentle background of the city.  If there is any extra-ordinary noise, such as a late night party by nearby neighbors, we ask guests to call the innkeeper who immediately visits the neighbors, who equally quickly respond to our request for quiet.  Having said all of this, the rooms that are located farthest from the street are Typhoon, Sea Witch and Noonday.

Q: We like a very early coffee.  Which rooms are located nearest the dining room?
A: All three rooms in the Main House are closest to the 24 hour beverage station.  These are Ranger, Typhoon and Cathedral.  The other four rooms in the Guest House are just around the corner of the main building.  Everyone has keys to the Main House and access to the dining room at any time.

Q: How about showers versus bathtubs?
A: Three of our rooms have just stall showers.  They are Nightingale, Dashing Wave and Typhoon.  If you prefer a modern shower/bathtub, choose Ranger, Cathedral or Noonday.  For something special, enjoy the claw foot bathtub in Sea Witch for a long soak and running the handheld shower over your hair – no standing please!

Q:  We are not able to manage steep stairs.  Do you have any first floor rooms?
A:  This is a good question because both of our houses date from the early 1800’s when building codes allowed much narrower and steeper staircases than today’s standard.  The rooms on the first floor would include Ranger in the Main House and Noonday and Nightingale in the Guest House. None of our rooms is fully handicap accessible, but Ranger would probably be the easiest for someone with more limited mobility to navigate.

We hope you have enjoyed a brief overview of some of the features of our rooms.  If you would like to add a question to our blog, please chime in.  If we can answer your particular question, just call us at 603-436-2287.