Restaurant Review Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery Maine

At our Portsmouth Bed & Breakfast, guests are always asking for a great place to have traditional New England dinner.  While there are many places, each with their own charms, one of our favorites is Robert’s Maine Grill just across the river in Kittery, ME.  What we love about Robert’s is the variety of traditional seafood, burgers, soups and salads that will please just about everyone.  For example, start with a cup of traditional New England Clam Chowder with chunks of clams and potatoes followed by a steamed 1.5 pound lobster.  Strap on the plastic bib even though it may look silly because you are going to need it.  Besides, everyone else is wearing one too!  If your table wants the works, order the Tableside Clambake for Two (or more) which includes lobster, mussels, steamers, and kielbasa.  For people who do not like seafood, there are plenty of meat, poultry and vegetarian options.  For example, try a traditional Yankee Pot Roast with mashed potatoes.  Or dive into a vegetarian, gluten free paella with lots of veggies, rice and a spicy tomato sauce.

Yesterday, a friend and I went to Robert’s for lunch.  We ordered the fish and chips, an order of sweet potato fries and a Moxie BBQ Burger.   Except for a few stray fries here and there, the whole lunch disappeared along with a glass or two of iced tea.  For those who do not know, Moxie is a cola found primarily in Maine and it has many die-hard fans.

Robert’s is located on Route 1 in Kittery, Maine.  And, even though you are near the Kittery Outlets, the restaurant is creek side and the last thing you notice are the stores.  For the shopper, however, what better place to recharge before heading back to find more bargains? 

Make a trip to Robert’s part of your visit to the Martin Hill Inn in Portsmouth, NH.